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Why the Inland Empire?

The real question should be, why not the Inland Empire?

I grew up in the #InlandEmpire. I remember when the #15freeway opened as a modern highway through the I.E. I remember when #OntarioMills opened. I remember when the #TylerGalleria was a one story mall and I remember when #MiguelsJr. opened their second fast food restaurant. The I.E. is home.

I am excited to be bringing #TheFearFaire to my neighborhood because I believe that those of us that live in the I.E. can have some things that are local in our neighborhood. We shouldn't have to travel every time we want to see something cool.

With that said - I would like to personally invite everyone from #SouthernCalifornia and beyond to our very special party. A party to celebrate the superstition of Friday the 13th.

We have over 50 special guests coming to play at our party from celebrities to filmmakers, bands, and everyone in between. We want all the #coolkids to join us at this specialty event.

Celebrity Guests:

Headlining Shows:


The Inland Empire, just like the rest of Southern California, loves to have a good time. The unique venue at the #NOSEventCenter allows for The Fear Faire to build a truly unique experience. The unique and versatile space at this event center that is widely known for their large EDC parties, is going to make this party a huge success...and so much fun!

When coming to The Fear Faire, the biggest takeaway should be jumping in and having a good time. It is about #buildingmemories and #tryingnewthings.

Plus - There are over 60 #independentfilms to bingewatch.

Join us! Tickets are on sale now at /the-fear-faire-mortal-admissions

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