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Wait, there was rain? The Fear Faire was so much fun!

The Friday the 13th Festival in January 2023 was a bunch of fun for all the mortals that attended. Pictured here was one of our great panels on the existence of the paranormal with Dave Schrader from "The Ghosts of Devil's Perch" and Ben Hansen from "Fact or Faked." This was just one of many fun things that happened at The Fear Faire.

Of course, there was rain... A LOT of rain. The rain did play a role in keeping the crowds at a minimum because although the party was heating up at the festival, the roads to get there were very hairy. For those that braved the storm, a good time was had by all.

One of the most intriguing attractions at The Fear Faire was the Amazing Seance Show with world renowned Kevin Stone. In a small room with antiquities and a small group of believers and skeptics, magic happened. This was a good, positive experience for all.

Inside The Living Wonders Oddities exhibit, you could see the two headed baby and other amazing antiquities. A show stopping event were the shows from The Venice Beach Freakshow.


The three screens of the film festival were filled with great content for the weekend. The Fear Faire Film Festival winners were:

  • The Phoenix Incident

  • 616

  • Enter The Room

  • Blacked Box

  • Nightmare at Camp Bloodbath

There were so many things to do at The Fear Faire that even if you were just sitting on the comfy couch in the Dungeon Lounge, you had something to do.

The Fear Faire would like to take a moment to thank everyone for joining us at The Fear Faire and to invite them to join us at the TAKEOVER in April. If you missed us in January, come out to see us in April.

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