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The Fear Faire has so much going on!

The Fear Faire is almost here and there is so much happening! If you have not purchased your tickets yet, now is the time because you do not want to miss this!

#TheFearFaire is an unusual way to experience your favorite spooky stuff because it was crafted after the Renaissance Faire where you can immerse yourself in the fun and the center of fun is about the shows and attractions that you can be a part of. Mix that with the #AlternativeRock scene that is exclusive to this three day festival and you are bound to have a great time!.

First there are the bands. There are over 20 bands that will be playing in the Wicked Arena on all three days of the festival. To see the full concert lineup and get a taste of what each talented band is bringing to the stage, check out

Next we have our #celebrityguests that are joining panels, hosting stages, and performing. You have the chance to meet our favorites:

  • Dave Schrader from "Holzer Files", "Ghost of Devil's Perch", and other #paranormaltvseries will be here on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Ben Hansen from "Fact or Faked", "UFO WItness", "Ghost of Morgan City" and other #Paranormalinvestigation shows will be here on Sunday.

  • Todd Ray from "Freakshow" on AMC will be showing off his oddities and hosting the #LivingWonders on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th

  • Larry the Wolfboy from "Freakshow" on AMC, "Nitro Circus", "Water for Elephants" and more will be here on Friday and Saturday.

  • Gabriel Pimentel, the #smallestmaninAmerica, from "#Freakshow " on #AMC, "#PrankEncounters ", "Tropic Thunder", and "Looney Tunes Back in Action" will be here on Friday and Saturday.

  • Auzzy Blood, the freakshow extraordinaire as seen on "Freakshow" and "America's Got Talent" will be here on Friday and Saturday.

  • Eric Fox, Special FX Artist from #Faceoff "Sharknado 3", "The Horde", "Dread" and "Kuso" will be here all weekend, with a makeup demonstration on Sunday.

There are over 50 special and featured guests and artists that are experts in their fields that will offer insight on topics in the mortal chat and photo opportunities throughout the faire.

Then, Bellos Haunts - Hall of Shadows - Art's Sideshow will be serving up the scary all weekend. Add to that the Amazing Seance Show on Friday and Sunday with world famous, Kevin Stone.

Of course, we have over 100 pop up shops in the Wicked Arena mall so you can stock up on must haves.

Did I mention that you can also get your Friday the 13th tattoo at the Faire? Tattoos will be given live all weekend in The Fear Faire's first Tattoo Collective.

There is so much to do, that you have to come to see it and believe it!

A Special Thank you goes out to our sponsors:

Bellos Haunts

Hall of Shadows Escape Room

Napa Ghosts

Art's Sideshow

Fox FX Labs

Check out our schedule:

Tickets are on sale now!

We hope that you will come and see us. Stay a day or stay the weekend. You are in for a treat!

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