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Supporting Small Business and Creativity

#TheFearFaire starts on Friday and we are so excited, and nervous to see how everything turns out. This is the ongoing responsibility of the small business. Before we start the festivities, I wanted to take a quick moment to recognize what festivals like this do for small business, artists, and creators. Platforms like this give all of us an opportunity to try to earn a living using our creativity and ingenuity. Festivals like this give the small guy and opportunity to compete with the Goliaths in our industries.

Just like the over 100 small business that will be a part of The Fear Faire Friday the 13th Festival this weekend, The Fear Faire itself is a small business. As industries and workforce changes across the world, it is so important to support small business. This weekend, when you come to The Fear Faire, you are supporting over 100 small businesses that are collecting together as a community to have fun and share commerce with the public. I would like to take this moment to thank the guests of The Fear Faire for supporting small business in the horror community. You are the backbone of what all of us do.

When you buy a ticket to The Fear Faire and other "heritage festivals" (festivals that are created by small businesses and families, not large conglomerates) you are helping the owners of these small businesses build an audience for small business. These small businesses are your neighbors in your community that share a common interest. Heritage festivals build a platform for independent businesses to thrive and quite frankly unique flavors and experiences for the guests to experience. These festivals are separate from the franchise movement so you will be able to see bursts of great creativity.

This weekend, you will see small businesses in the form of film, actors, influencers, small media outlets, performances, pop up shops, and the event itself. Thank you for supporting #thelittleguy In a world that is becoming harder to be the little guy, Thank you for being a part of the #smallbusiness community as either a #Businessowner or as the guests to our specialty shops. Thank you thank you thank you.

There are still tickets available for The Fear Faire. You can purchase them online at We hope to see you there.

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