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The Fear Faire EXPERIENCE Film Festival is five days, two screens, and films from around the world. Out of thousands of films entered, the Top 20 will be chosen to run in the Film Festival Room.

Congratulations to the filmmakers of the following films. These films will be available for screening April 19 - 23 at The Fear Faire Experience.

wolf hollow.jpg

Wolf Hollow


A group of filmmakers stumble across a den of werewolves.

Director - Mark Cantu

Mark Cantu is an award-winning Pittsburgh horror filmmaker. A Texas native who started out in action cinema, he has directed horror films once he moved to Pittsburgh in 2016. His most recent feature film was the 80s slasher comedy MASSACRE ACADEMY. His previous films include the military action-thriller ELITE and the superhero comedy NOW HIRING.




Jamie gets a moldy sandwich for lunch. Pepper the Panda learns on how to keep food clean!

Director Biography - Saige Kanik

Made of felt, cat hair, and hair dye, Saige Kanik is a stop-motion fabricator, animator, and theatrical prop designer from the forests of New England. A dabbler in everything, Saige loves to dive head-on into any project. She was featured in the article, "10 Teens to Watch" in the 2019 September/October Issue of Westport Magazine, an honorable mention as a part of the WIA scholarship program, and has had her fine artwork featured around Fairfield County, CT. Outside of work, Saige is often baking or painting. She is currently living in upstate New York with her cat, Felix, and attending the Rochester Institute of Technology as a stop motion animation major.

evil scientists labratory.jpg

The Evil Scientist's Laboratory


Music video for the song "The Evil Scientist's Laboratory"

Director - Tyler Baum

glint thicket.jpg

Glint Thicket


In this one-act animation — on a bike ride to The Glint Thicket, where there are flying orbs, translucent solar plants, and glimmering gems — two buds encounter a cryptic, energy-absorbing entity that has inhabited a vernal pool.

Director - Isaias Zai Gallardo


The Fear


Director - Lauren A Poole

"Fear" is the latest single from indie rock band, Prism B!tch- a quartet based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Prism B!tch is known for their exuberant live shows and their heart-warmingly uncomfortable music videos.

Directed by Lauren Poole, (the Bass player)

THE TV.jpg

The TV


Director Wayne Henrique

let it be.jpg

Let It Be


One day, Keiji Kamiyama, a psychological counselor, receives an offer from a TV studio. He is asked to do a spiritual reading on a college student who experienced something that could only be described as a paranormal phenomenon. To unveil the mystery, Keiji decides to come to the TV studio with his assistance, Aoi Ueno. When he conducts a reading, Keiji sees a vision that no one expected―a curse of blood that has transcended time and space. Chisato Aoyama, a TV announcer, witnesses the reading done by Keiji. Although Chisato is at first skeptical about the existence of the spiritual world, Keiji’s readings gradually lead her to accept its existence. Keiji faces a number of bizarre phenomena, but he conducts readings to reveal the Truth behind the seemingly unexplainable events: a creepy old woman appearing late at night, a mysterious handprint left on a leg, and a woman jumping off from a ceiling out of nowhere… Finally, Chisato herself experiences a spiritual phenomenon of wet footprints suddenly appearing and disappearing before her eyes.
In the end, you will know the real meaning of “Fear never ends.”

Director Biography - Taka Octz

party's over.jpg

Party's Over


The night turns to terror when uninvited guests crash a Halloween party.

Director Neil Willoughby

devils tromping ground.jpg

Devil's Tromping Ground


Would you have the courage to spend the night at the Devil's Tromping Ground? A beer drinking YouTuber thinks he does.

Director Chuck Chapman

Chuck Chapman is an accomplished and talented actor, writer, director, filmmaker (He Drives at Night), author (Family Man. Freak on a Moped), and musician (

full moon fathers

The Full Moon Fathers


The year is 1979.
On the run from the law, a vicious biker gang, known as The Full Moon Fathers, wakes from a night of partying in the woods to find one of their members murdered. While all fingers point to each other, another more sinister presence moves in.
Written & Directed by Sean Cranston
Cinematography & Editing by Jim Powers
Art Director & Production Design by John Stegemann
Starring Michael F Hayes, Paul Sacchetti, Stephen Croce, Joules Davis, Tim Roberts, Bill Kelleher, Vegas Nacy, Joe Reilly, Jim Wertman Jr, Hap Winters, Jesse Calhoun, Jerry Warren, with Gemma Nacy, Andy Jacek, John Mcghee, Vinnie Velez & Jerry Gretzinger




Two screenwriters, a ghost story, the night that goes on. Who will put an end to this?

Director Piero Cannata

Piero Cannata, screenwriter and director, was born in Palermo in 1974. After attending a course in film and theater directing, he began producing horror and dramatic short films, appreciated and awarded in various international festivals. His works, imbued with a strong pessimism and a melancholy irony, speak of human beings and their weaknesses, but also of hope and desire for redemption.

mrs halloway.jpg

Mrs. Halloway


In a small suburban community, Mrs. Betty Halloway is everyone's favorite neighbor. She comes off as the nicest elderly widow you'd ever meet; someone who's always kind and caring, loves baking, and winning big prizes. However, her kind demeanor is nothing but a facade. Beneath her pleasant surface lies a dark entity full of hatred, greed and jealousy. And at this year's pie baking contest, Mrs. Halloway must do what she can, in order to win first place, and bake a pie that's to die for. Her secret ingredient is MURDER.

Director Connor Morley

old hag and the crow.jpg

The Old Hag and The Crow


A girl sees that an old hag drinks drops of a potion made with something the crow gives her... the old hag turns into a young girl again.

Director - María Lucía Bayardo

Turn About

turn about.jpg


Violence begets time travel begets violence in this sci-fi thriller short.

Director Hezekiah Bennetts

A graduate of the Los Angeles Film Studies Center, Hezekiah Bennetts is a filmmaker located in Eastern Oklahoma. His work is focused on short films, as well as a YouTube toy review show, Toys on the Inside, based on his short film Mint in Box.




Serenade is a lo-fi, microbudget short horror film about an antiques dealer who stumbles upon a mysterious music box that may hold secrets to a young woman's disappearance.

Director Biography - Eric Albert Branstrom

Eric Albert Branstrom is a an Indiana-based independent filmmaker. In 2015, he co-founded the Crosstown Collective in Chicago which fosters independent filmmakers and has since produced films that have been featured in festivals across the country. He is a member of Group 312 in Chicago, Illinois which also fosters experimental and narrative filmmakers in a group setting. When he's not writing and directing horror films, you'll find him drinking cheap red wine and listening to old Tom Waits records.

on the road.jpg

On The Road


Two robbers with money are trying to leave the country, but their path runs through the cursed road...

Director - Andrei Egorov

summer 94.jpg

Summer of '94


Summer of '94: Three friends, Alex, Niklas and Tim are making the most of the first day of the summer vacation. While searching for the perfect place for their treehouse, they come across a deserted building in the forest, and the day which started out so well, takes an eerie turn for the worse.

Director Basti Schwarz, Oliver Schwarz

origine z.jpg



Samantha and Julie are 2 friends totally crazy about occult sciences. Julie made Samantha's initiation but discovered that Samantha is about to become out of control so she decided to stop.
One night, Samantha has invited 2 friends for a "special experiment" which ended with the creation of zombie creatures. Is it the beginning of zombie apocalypse? Can we still do something?

Director Raphael KICHENAMA

Raphael KICHENAMA is a french actor having his 1st experience as director with the Origine-Z project.

As an actor, he was in the cast of french series such as "Les mystères de l'amour", "Clem", "Il a déja tes yeux" and also made advertising for Volkswagen, Salesforce or Jardiland.

For the Origine-Z project, he is also co-writer, producer and actor.

the nabla.jpg

The Nabla


A Detective, investigating a sinister cult, seeks their symbol.

Director - Kevin Lucero Less




Zola, a young woman in distress, arrives at the slaughterhouses where her ex-girlfriend works. But she did not come alone. In the trunk of her car is locked a man who's turning into an animal...

Director Biography - KAM DUV

Coming from an editing education, Camille discovers the audiovisual sector as an Image Journalist Reporter on a TV program for TV5Monde. With her understanding of shooting dynamics, she decides to write and direct self-produced clips, documentaries and short films. Her last two films were selected and awarded in several festivals. Since then, she is offered to develop her scripts in residencies throughout France. Her stories are centered on social themes tackled mostly by fantastic.




A teenager slowly gets possessed by the demon inside his first car.

Director Biography - Joseph Matarrese, Phillip Matarrese

The Matarrese Bros. are twin film makers from the San Francisco Bay Area. They spent over a decade in the lighting department as a Gaffer & Key Grip duo, lighting films, TV shows, commercials, & music videos. They started writing their own projects and directed together for the first time in 2022.




Anna, a heartbroken Quebecer, arrives in Normandy to visit her friend Sofie. To change her mind, the latter invites Anna to a girls' evening which will be very werido.

Director - Carnior

The Fear Faire Film Festival is a featured special attraction with worldwide Independent Filmmakers and producers of the horror and alternative music genres. Over 2000 films were entered as submissions into the film festival to curate the perfect film screening room at The Fear Faire.  The film festival will present two screens of independent films with a noise cancelling experience so you can see the film in a very special way. 

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